Beach Punx Fest III – The Movie

It’s here!  Beach Punx Fest III – The Movie.  This is the most ambitious video I have ever done.  Seven bands, one afternoon at the beach in Ocean Beach, San Diego.  Thanks so much to all the bands, and to Ricky and everyone at Beach Punx Shenanigans.


If you click through to the YouTube page, in the video description there are shortcut links to each band.


Loose Cannon – “Riot” – From Beach Punx Fest III

Here’s Loose Cannon from Beach Punx Fest III this past Sunday.

I shot 3-4 songs from each band, plus interviews with some of the bands and fans. “Beach Punx Fest III – The Movie” will be out in late August. In the meantime, I’ll be releasing one song from each band every few days.

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t.s. Leone – “Lucy…” – live at Winstons April 28, 2018

It took me long enough.  Here’s a song from t.s. Leone‘s show at Winstons a few months ago.  Shot on a Panasonic GH5, a Panasonic G7, and a Zoom Q2n (Thanks Brian Wilder!).  Audio is a board feed mixed with an audience stereo mic (Motive MV88), mixed and mastered by the great Dan Donn.  The full show will be up later this week.


PunchCard – “Bob Costs Us” – at Til-Two Club March 30, 2018

PunchCard had their album release party at Til-Two Club on Friday, March 30, 2018.  They had a free hotdog and nachos cart, new T-Shirts, stickers, CDs, all the merch.  They had a new logo.  And they had a ton of fans, and played a great show.

The audio for much of the show has a lot of crackling.  I’m not sure why, because the audio for A-Bortz, who played before them, was great.  In any case, here’s the first a several songs from PunchCard’s show, “Bob Costs Us”, with guest vocals from Ricky of Midnight Track!