Making Incredible Time – “Burn & Turn” – The Pour House Oceanside, CA

So far, I’ve made two kinds of live videos.  Full productions, with 3 cameras, audio recorded in multi-track from the soundboard, then mixed and mastered.  That is time consuming and runs about 20 man hours for a 30-minute show, but the quality is great.  The other way is quick and dirty, one camera with audio on the camera.  The quality of that is, well, not great.

I’m trying a third way.  One camera, but audio is a stereo mic in the audience.  I bought a Shure MV88 stereo mic.  It records to an iPhone via the Lightning connector in 24/48.   I used it this past Saturday to record Roman Watchdogs and M.I.T. at The Pour House in Oceanside, CA.

I’m very happy with the result.  I’m not sure what the venue’s sound guy was thinking with all the reverb, but the MV88 did it’s job very well.

Roman Watchdogs “Not Looking For Love”

“Not Looking For Love” by Roman Watchdogs, live at Til-Two Club, is up on YouTube, for your New Years Eve viewing pleasure.  This was challenging, as Til-Two Club is a small venue, and the audio recording from the board was only 6 tracks – 2 vocals, guitar, bass, kick drum and snare drum.  Dan Bonn worked his magic, though, and it sounds awesome.

The full show will be up in a few days.

Broken Record

Halloween weekend, I shot Broken Record and PunchCard at WinstonsOB.  I got the audio tracks from soundguy Kyle, and handed them off to Dan Bonn so he could work his magic.

There was a technical difficulty (it happens when you do live recording) and the tracks for Broken Record only had the first song.  Bummer.

Anyway, Dan got me the final mix for Broken Record, so here’s the final video: