Making Incredible Time – “King Jack Off” – @ The Bancroft

This past Saturday, I was at The Bancroft in Spring Valley, CA watching and shooting 4 great bands – Making Incredible Time, T.S. Leone, Kitty Plague, and Black Adidas.  I shot several songs from each band, single camera, with my Shure MV88 stereo mic getting the audio.  I’ll be releasing several videos from that night over the next week or two.  Here’s the first one:

Making Incredible Time – “Burn & Turn” – The Pour House Oceanside, CA

So far, I’ve made two kinds of live videos.  Full productions, with 3 cameras, audio recorded in multi-track from the soundboard, then mixed and mastered.  That is time consuming and runs about 20 man hours for a 30-minute show, but the quality is great.  The other way is quick and dirty, one camera with audio on the camera.  The quality of that is, well, not great.

I’m trying a third way.  One camera, but audio is a stereo mic in the audience.  I bought a Shure MV88 stereo mic.  It records to an iPhone via the Lightning connector in 24/48.   I used it this past Saturday to record Roman Watchdogs and M.I.T. at The Pour House in Oceanside, CA.

I’m very happy with the result.  I’m not sure what the venue’s sound guy was thinking with all the reverb, but the MV88 did it’s job very well.

Company Man

The standalone video for “Company Man” by Tony Silipigno, from the PB Cantina Oct 16 show, is live.  Whenever I make a full convert video, I always take a few songs and make standalone videos for them.  Some people see a running time of 30 min or an hour, and just say “nope!”  So, a single song can sometimes be more appealing.

PB Cantina Open Mic

I’d had my new GH5 for a few days, so I was itching to go shoot something.  My friends Pete, Tony, Dan, and Derek we playing the Open Mic night at PB Cantina, so I headed down there.  I was just intending to try a few settings, see how the camera handled the stage lights, etc.

Well, I ended up recording most of the night.  Then, I found out the sound guy, Jeremy, records all the Open Mic nights.  So, he gave the tracks to Dan Bonn, who mixed and mastered them. Dan gave the mixes to me, and now I have pristine audio to go with my camera “test”.

EDIT: I should add, this is the first video I edited in DaVinci Resolve (which I like a lot), and also the first video I did color grading on.  I think it looks great for a first try.

So, here’s the video:

And here’s Krystal Dyer’s complete painting:

Midnight Track from Halloween at Winstons

I shot some footage of Midnight Track at Winstons on October 28, 2017.  When I got home I edited it a bit, and here it is:

Now, keep in mind, I had several drinks at Winstons while I was there, and a few more when I went to dinner afterward, so this may not be my best work ever.  🙂  The audio is on camera, and the whole thing was kinda spur of the moment, unplanned.