PunchCard – “Bob Costs Us” – at Til-Two Club March 30, 2018

PunchCard had their album release party at Til-Two Club on Friday, March 30, 2018.  They had a free hotdog and nachos cart, new T-Shirts, stickers, CDs, all the merch.  They had a new logo.  And they had a ton of fans, and played a great show.

The audio for much of the show has a lot of crackling.  I’m not sure why, because the audio for A-Bortz, who played before them, was great.  In any case, here’s the first a several songs from PunchCard’s show, “Bob Costs Us”, with guest vocals from Ricky of Midnight Track!

A-Bortz at Til-Two March 30, 2018

This past Friday, March 30, 2018, PunchCard had their CD release show, also featuring Making Incredible Time and The A-Bortz. It was a great night.  PunchCard hired a food truck to provide hot dogs and nachos for free to everyone (this is on top of an already free show).  Til-Two is a fun venue, with very friendly staff.

I shot video of all three bands and recorded audio using my Shure MV88 stereo mic.  The sound guy also recorded multi-track audio for PunchCard, but I have not gotten it yet.  Unfortunately, I made some mistake and the audio for M.I.T. did not record.  Well, as they told me, I’ve already got plenty of live videos of them.

So, here’s a song from The A-Borts, “No Fucks To Give”.  The full show should be out in a week or so, followed by PunchCard’s full show.

Black Adidas – “Old Fashioned Rock N Roll” – at The Bancroft Feb 10, 2018

Los Angeles based Black Adidas came down to Spring Valley, CA to play The Bancroft.  Here they are playing “Old Fashioned Rock N Roll” from their new, self-titled album.  It’s a really good song, and the album is great, as well.  I highly recommend checking it out.

Later this week will be T.S. Leone and then maybe a bonus video to round it all out.

Making Incredible Time – “King Jack Off” – @ The Bancroft

This past Saturday, I was at The Bancroft in Spring Valley, CA watching and shooting 4 great bands – Making Incredible Time, T.S. Leone, Kitty Plague, and Black Adidas.  I shot several songs from each band, single camera, with my Shure MV88 stereo mic getting the audio.  I’ll be releasing several videos from that night over the next week or two.  Here’s the first one: